Pacific Barbell is not a gym...

Have you ever wondered how gyms can survive on only $10 memberships? This seems even more baffling when you consider how there are only ever a few people in these gyms at any given time. The truth about most gyms is that they have no interest in their members showing up and using their memberships as long as they continue to pay. In fact, gyms anticipate fewer than 20% of members using their memberships. If all of the members actually used their memberships, most gyms wouldn't be able to survive because they wouldn't have enough space to accommodate everybody. You get charged only $10 per month because the owners know hundreds of people will pay this each month without batting an eye even though you haven't entered the gym since the month you signed up. A gym has no interest in you making progress toward your fitness and health goals. Gyms prey on the unmotivated and inexperienced newcomers because those are the people who will pay the owners salary without receiving anything in return after the first month.

Pacific Barbell is a solution

At Pacific Barbell, you are part of the family. Our interest is in getting you the results you are looking for. Pacific Barbell is here to make a difference.