Using all forms of resistance including body weight, resistance bands, barbells, and sandbags, you will build the strength to take on any challenge life throws at you. develope every muscle from your shoulders down, speeding up your metabolism and completely reshaping your body into a body you can be confident in.

Pacific Barbell Bootcamp is about more than getting phenomenal workouts. You will be a part of the Pacific Barbell family, a close-knit, common-goal oriented group that is there to support you through every step of your journey, and every rep of the workout.

Running, throwing, and jumping are only a few of the heart-pumping activities prepared to torch the fat and prepare your lungs and heart for everything from chasing your children to running from the wild tiger chasing you.


Unlimited Classes

We currently offer 3 classes per week. You have full access to each of these as well as any and all others we add on to our weekly schedule at any point.

Free Precision Nutrition Habit Coaching

The toughest, yet most important part of a life-changing transformation is your nutrition. We work with the gold standard in nutrition habit coaching in order to get you the absolute best results possible. Through Nutrition Habit Coaching you will be taught how to eat, drink and live healthier, instead of simply telling you what to eat, drink, and do.

Through teaching you to live healthier, we set you up for a lifetime of great habits and a life-long transformation.

Compare this to simply throwing you the occasional diet plan to keep you hooked forever because you never got to learn how to create your own healthy diet - as is the industry norm.

Access to a Certified Fitness Professional

A personal trainer will cost you upwards of $75 per workout. This means for a full workout program of 3 days per week, you would be spending $1,000+ per month. This typically does not include the nutrition, community, or unlimited workouts you get from the Pacific Barbell Bootcamp.
Because bootcamps are in a group environment, this means the price tag is split between everybody. This allows members to have access to a fitness professional, with many more perks all for a fraction of the price.


Progress Tracking and Goal Setting

Before you begin your total fitness experience, you will have your weight and measurements taken and I will learn more about your goals. We will then continue to take measurements, review your goals, and set new goals to smash regularly.


Go into any standard gym, and you will see an abundance of people trying to block each other out. Headphones covering their ears and heads down trying not to make eye contact with anybody else.

That's not Pacific Barbell style. Come in early and get some free coffee with the coach and other members, be greeted as you walk in the door by all your new-found friends then go through a grueling workout together as a family.


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