It’s easy when we are driving, working out, or sitting at the computer to just turn on the radio or your favorite music playlist. We don’t think about it. It’s just the easiest way to “fill” that dead time, this is actually very underappreciated time that could be spent learning and working on yourself.

“How do you expect me to be productive while I’m driving, Jacob?”

By listening to something that is making you better, such as podcasts or audiobooks, that’s how. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Instead of listening to Taylor Swift sing about her latest breakup, you could be listening to something educational pertaining of your field of interest or even a field you’re not yet interested in.

There are audio resources out there for just about any interest; Fitness, health, business, real estate, religion, history, self confidence, psychology, you name it.

If you spend 15 minutes driving to and from work every day, that’s 2.5 hours on it’s own. If you workout 45 minutes each day, that’s 5.25 more hours. With just those two times of the day being utilized, you’re averaging almost 8 hours a week of filling your head with awesome stuff.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to do anything. Just listen. Fill in those times that are usually filled with silence or mindless music. You could potentially listen to multiple books a week.

Is music bad? Well, no. It has its benefits.

For one, music is a great mood-setter. If you’re feeling down, the right music can put you into a much better mood. Likewise, if you are working out, listening to loud, high tempo music is a great way to get yourself into a mood to squat every plate in the gym.

For the other 99% of the time, however, music is unnecessary. It is not making you better (unless you are a musician).

I started filling all of the time I drive, workout, and cook with audiobooks and podcasts a couple of years ago now, and it has done wonders for not only my self-education, but it has made me a harder worker and all around better person.

When you surround yourself with people who are better and smarter than you – even in the form of books and podcasts – they start to rub off on you. You begin to work harder, feel better about yourself, and learn about much more than just the primary subject of that book.


For example, if I listen to a health podcast from the greatest minds in the industry, not only will I learn about health, but they will inevitably end up talking


 about their hard work, politics, their families; all of which is a much more reliable source of information than the opinion of Patricia from your work who lives paycheck to paycheck and watches her favorite heavily biased news channel all day when she’s home.

When you are surrounded by great people, your natural reaction is to become great like them.

So How Do I Start?

Do This for Audio Books: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Sign up for a 1 month free trial and you’ll get 2 free audiobooks. After the Free trial it will only be $15 each month which gets you an audio book every month and discounts to any more books past that. Start finding great books. You should also download the app on your smartphone to listen on the go.

Do This for Podcasts: Try Youtube Red for a free month

Sign up for a 1 month free trial and you won’t want to go back. Most of the best podcasts out there are on youtube. With Red, you are able to listen to them all without ads, and you are able to close the app and lock your phone while listening to them (Without Red, you have to keep youtube open on your phone to listen).

One other great benefit of Red is the free access to Google Play Music. On the few occasions I listen to music, this is my go-to app. It has tons of great playlists, and I don’t have to worry about an advertisement ruining my focus in the middle of a set of bench press.

Amazing benefit number three is that you can listen to your podcasts and music offline by downloading them, so anytime you don’t have wi-fi, or you’re on a plane, you are set.

I don’t mean to promote, but I want you to have the best resources to make your success easier.


Some of the favorites from my Audible library:

There are not many fitness audio books here. I prefer to have physical books for health and fitness so that I can take notes, highlight, re-read, etc…


On my Audible reading list:

If you’re looking for podcasts my favorite include:

  • Muscle Expert Podcast (Host: Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro)
    A very scientific podcast centered around mostly fitness and bodybuilding.
  • Joe Rogan Experience (Host: Joe Rogan, UFC Commentator)
    This podcast isn’t necessarily focused on anything. It’s hard to describe Joe Rogan. The best term I have for him is a conservative hippy. I don’t know his political views, and don’t really care, but he is a funny and very opinionated dude. He always has very interesting guests on his show from social media celebrities and big-time comedians, to scientists and professional athletes and everything in between.
  • IceCream4PR’s (Host: Jeff Nippard) or honestly just anything on Jeff Nippard’s channel
    Another science based fitness podcast. This show often has the leading bodybuilding experts together for a roundtable discussion regarding specific topics in bodybuilding and fitness.
  • Mind Pump Radio
    I must admit, so far I have only listened to one episode, but I’m hoping to be able to listen to more soon as it comes highly recommended. This Podcast focuses on mostly fitness, business, and fitness business :).
  • School of Greatness (Host: Lewis Howes)
    Lewis Howes was a semi-professional football player before being injured and is now an author and entrepreneur who speaks with other entrepreneurs about business, health, and motivation.

And never waste your time again🙂


*This is an expansion on the Facebook post I made in the Bryan County Fitness and Health community page.*


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