How to Optimize Your Environment for Massive Action

Naturally, whenever we think of somebody who has become successful, or somebody who is known for their hard work, we think, “That guy must have willpower of steel to work as hard as he does.”

Well while it is very possible that person has an close to unbreakable will, don’t get caught up thinking they are some kind of super humans because of where they have ended up.

Most people who see great success, whether it be in fitness, business, or family life are in their position, not because of a herculean will, but because they surround themselves with an environment for massive action.

A professional bodybuilder on a contest prep diet knows not to keep poptarts in his cupboards, because although everybody thinks there’s no way he would ever slip up due to having the restraint of a monk, he knows if there’s poptarts in the house, the entire box will end up eaten in one serving on a late night carb binge.

Speaking of monks, why do you think they separate themselves from the industrialized world? To set up an environment for success in their studies and spiritual ventures, of course. You try spending half your day meditating when you have a smartphone, TV, and computer all at your fingertips. It would be nearly impossible, and they know that.

What can you do to set up an environment for massive action?


Remove Temptations

Fitness & Health
Start by not purchasing junk food. If you don’t have Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer, guess what you won’t be eating?

Second, prepare some homemade meals for the week. The lack of desire to cook a meal every night is a large factor in your choice to order fast food or go for the Doritos. If you have healthy meals just waiting for you in the fridge though, cooking a barrier you have to worry about.

You can download the free 26+ page meal prep guide for some tips to help you with this.

Business & Career
When I work on my business in any way, I try to remove any distractions possible. The TV is off and I am away from people including family.

Now this really only lasts at most a couple hours every morning before Miranda and Ivy wake up and my productivity immediately drops 50% for the rest of the day 🙃.

There are a lot of areas I, as well as many of you, can improve in my temptation removal during work.

  • Work in a room without a TV
  • Close all tabs on your computer unrelated to your work, particularly social media and Youtube.
  • Wake up earlier to get as much work done as possible before distractions start, umm… waking up😉
  • Have phone in another room. I personally always have my phone next to me so whenever I lose a little bit of momentum in my work, my hand automatically reaches over, grabs my phone, and opens instagram.

    This is why I love writing my blog. I never realized how much of a problem this was until I wrote it out here.


Family & Friends

Sometimes there are even temptations that can affect our family life. For one, sometimes we can get a little too distracted by our work.

All of those movies where the father works all the time and doesn’t have time for his family always make the father out to be the bad guy. That’s how I always saw it too. Now, however, I empathise with the busy fathers in those movies.

I just want to create the best life possible for my family, which means I have to work as hard as possible to make that happen. That means I can’t hold Ivy all day, or cuddle and watch movies with Miranda for hours every night.

Sometimes I do feel like they aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

The problem could also be as little as TV distracting you from family, or distracting the entire family from each other. Don’t you think your family would be a little closer if you decided to eat dinner at the table and talk instead of everybody going to their own rooms to watch TV?


Remove Obstacles

Fitness & Health
The harder you make it on yourself to go workout, the less likely you are to actually do it.

Get a bag for all of the things you bring to the gym and have it packed every night to be ready for your workout in the morning. Don’t be running around like a chicken with its head cut off every morning looking for your gym gear.

Make sure your gym clothes are washed and put them with your bag. If you realize you have no clean clothes in the morning, that’s one more excuse not to go.

Get a membership at the gym closest to your home or set up your own workout area in your home.

You can refer to my Ultimate Home Gym Guide for help with this.

Business & Career
If you work from your laptop, make sure it is charged every night or that you have your charger right there with your laptop so you don’t have to go searching for it when it’s time to work.


Fill your social circle with supportive people

Fitness & Health
It’s tough enough changing your life as it is. If the people around you don’t care about your goals, it’s going to be that much harder. You’re family will bring all their regular junk food into the house, and your friends will want to go out to the bar, making it impossible to stay on track with your health.

Business & Career
The majority of people aren’t going to understand your desire to create a business from scratch or even to work hard on your career. Honestly, most people are completely fine living paycheck to paycheck.

Find a group that has the same ambition and drive that you do or else you will be pulled down to their level. If your social circle doesn’t at the very least support your ambition, they shouldn’t have a spot in your life. period.


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