First of all, let me express how sorry I am that I never even announced the move to the facility we are in now. Four months ago, the bootcamp moved from the local gym into a nearby gymnasium. It was a great move for the bootcamp as it allowed more room for activities and growth, and I wasn’t being micro-managed, as it was now my bootcamp.


Well… we’re moving again. I’ve decided it is in the best interest for the time being to bring the facility to my home personal training studio. Here, we have heavier weights, squat racks, places to anchor suspension straps, gymnastics rings, and resistance bands, and a whole lot more.

One other very important factor in this move is that I don’t have to drive across town for each class. I just walk out my backdoor into my studio.

I was limited to only class times in the early morning up to now because the rest of the day is dedicated to watching Ivy and to my W-2 job. Now I can coach classes while watching Ivy because well, I’m still at home!

I don’t have to pack a bag, put the seat in the car, make sure Ivy is well fed, change a diaper, pack a walker and toys, and all of the other crazy stuff that comes with taking an infant out of the house.

She’s a cutie, but she sure likes making travel difficult. (I really just wanted to show her off)

Until you’ve had a child, you will never quite understand the painful process of running simple errands with an infant. I personally got blindsided by this reality. I absolutely refuse to take Ivy with me on my trips into town if at all possible.


…now I’m just chasing rabbits.


Anyway, I’m super excited about this change. I’ve already begun coming up with some great workouts to utilize this new space and equipment and deciding what time slots to open up next, and I can’t wait until the members get to give them all a shot!

If you would like to give the new bootcamp a shot, We would all love to have you. Let me know and I’ll bring you in for a free week to try it out and have a private conversation about how we can reach your goals. Just send me a quick message, even if you’re on the fence about it, we will figure something out for you!

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