Stumbling Into the Right Path

I’ll be honest here; I’ve never really had a sense of direction for this blog. At the beginning, I tried writing more scientific articles like this one, then it became more about motivational writing which ended up just being extensions of my Instagram posts.

This lack of direction has ultimately led to me not posting on the blog much at all, and essentially disregarding the entire website. Though, to be fair, the birth of my daughter had a big part in this as well.

I used to have a goal of living like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. If you don’t know, she is a personal finance blogger who travels the world in her yacht (previously RV). She is able to do this because she makes a fortune from her blog through (mostly) advertising for other companies.

Who wouldn’t want to live like that, right? Write a single blog post and make $50,000. That’s it! Here’s a tip, that’s not really it. There is a LOT that goes into a blogging business, but younger me thought it looked like an easy living so I started writing with no real purpose.


Whether I ever made money from writing or not, I really enjoyed it. I’m almost positive nobody ever read any of my posts, but just being able to put my thoughts down in a readable format makes me feel something. Possibly a mix of accomplishment and relief to say it some someone (or something).

Before, I was just so focused on doing what all the blogging “guides” told me to do in order to make money, that it became harder to enjoy. I tried writing multiple times per week to get listed on google, which quickly burned me out. I tried writing the way other big blogs do, trying to sound smart by using studies and references, which wasn’t my voice at all.

Essentially what my rambling is coming to is… I would like to start writing again. It won’t be often, and it won’t be discussing the latest in academic studies because that isn’t me. I think I would be more happy writing about my life and my interests.


A couple of interests of mine that nobody outside my little circle of friends knows about are personal finance and investing. Then I have my family life that, like any proud father, I like to share. I haven’t ever written about these because this is “supposed” to be a fitness blog and that’s obviously not fitness related.

But you know what? The world has enough generic fitness blogs and I’ve never seen any authors write about their lives in fitness, family, and finance – wow, I didn’t plan that out, but that rolls off the tongue nicely.


Here’s to a fresh start that hopefully has many years in front of it. I hope you choose to follow the sporadic story of somebody who is just trying to figure it all out.

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